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Northeast Regional Class AAA

By Jonathan Bumbulie

Citizens' Voice Sports Writer

BETHLEHEM - It might not be possible, but Pittston Area's phenomenal Woodall twins seem to be getting better with age.

In their next-to-last high school tournament, Jason and James Woodall turned in dominating performances en route to Northeast Regional wrestling championships Saturday at Liberty High School.

By bringing home the gold, the Woodalls became the first set of brothers in the history of District 2 to win regional titles in the same year and the first teammates to accomplish the feat at the Class AAA level since Frank Castrignano and Charlie D. Wysocki of Meyers in 1978.

"It's pretty amazing for a set of twins to do what they've done," said Pittston Area coach Matt Giampietro. "James has eight losses in four years and Jason is 137-16. It really is incredible."

Jason took his first regional title with a 3-1 victory over Nazareth's Eric Frick, the third-ranked 152-pounder in the state.

"It's great to win this tournament," said Jason, who lost a controversial decision to Parkland's Sean Jenkins in the finals last year. "It's important for your placement on the wall chart next week at states."

The final match was competitive, as both wrestlers had to fend off a solid takedown attempt in the early going. With the match tied 1-1 midway through the third, Jason picked his spot. He saw the opportunity to hit a duck-under and converted with 1:34 left in the match.

"It was really hard to score on him. He wrestled a very low-risk match," Jason said. "I knew he was in real good shape. He wasn't going to die out on me."

While Jason was never in danger of losing his match, James was a juggernaut. He recorded nine takedowns, three back points and an escape to beat Honesdale's Joe Arnone 22-7 by technical fall at the 5:27 mark.

"It's one step closer to where I want to be," James said.

James, who pinned Arnone in the second period of the district final last week, had 23 takedowns in three matches en route to his second straight regional title. The last WVC AAA wrestler to win back-to-back regional titles was Coughlin's Bucky Greeley in 1989-90.

"James just keeps on evolving into a better wrestler," Giampietro said. "He'll come over and say, 'This move isn't working but this other one is wide open.' I don't have to do a lot of coaching with him."

Jason, 37-1, cruised past Blue Ridge's John Carr 7-3 in the semifinals while James, 36-0, routed Northampton's Brad Youwakim 15-5. With that win, James became the first District 2 wrestler to reach the 140-win plateau.

No WVC wrestlers will join the Woodalls in Hershey, although the Valley West duo of 119-pounder Brandon Romanoski and heavyweight Drew Feldman came close.

After losing to Freedom's Jason Snyder 7-3 in the championship quarterfinals the night before, Romanoski came back with a vengeance Saturday.

The Spartans junior stuck Abington Heights' Josh Ruddy in 2:00, beat District 4 champ Brandon Murray of Shikellamy 8-5 then edged Easton's Bryan Hart 2-1 to earn a spot in the third-place match against Stroudburg's Joey Rivera, who came in ranked fourth in the state.

Romanoski, a three-time district champ, turned Rivera early in the second to take a 3-2 lead, but Rivera returned the favor midway through the third to take a 5-3 advantage. Romanoski escaped with 3.8 seconds left but ran out of time.

"It's too bad that a good season had to come to an end," said Romanoski, who went 33-5 on the year. "I put him on his back. I thought I had him stuck. I feel pretty good about the way I wrestled."

If it weren't for Stroudburg's Mike Yetter, Feldman would almost certainly be making an appearance in Hershey as a sophomore. After losing to Yetter 9-6 in a preliminary bout Friday, Feldman wrestled his way through the consolation bracket only to find Yetter waiting in the third-place match.

Yetter rode Feldman out in the second, scoring two back points at the buzzer, and added a third-period takedown to win 5-1.

"It's hard to comprehend that I could get this far, being one match from the biggest tournament in the state, and I'm going home," said Feldman, who went 33-4 in his first varsity season.

After reaching the semifinals Friday, Tunkhannock's Marc Johnson ran into a buzzsaw. Parkland's Paul Velekei, the top-ranked 189-pounder in the state, beat Johnson to the tune of 17-4. The Tigers senior then dropped a 12-4 decision to Stroudburg's Andy Ludlow, ending his season at 28-4.

Tunkhannock's Steve Franko (103), Valley West's Shawn Matello (140), and Berwick's Nick Yalch (112), Chris Luton-Cressman (135) and Jon Lechleitner (171) won second-round consolation bouts before bowing out in the consolation quarterfinals.

The WVC went 12-24 on the day, with only the Woodalls, Romanoski and Feldman winning more than once. The Lackawanna League went 4-15, bringing the District 2 total to 16-39 on the day and 28-97 for the tournament.

West Scranton's Jim Morgan finished third at 135, earning a state tournament bid with a 5-2 win over Parkland's Tom Abraham in the consolation finals. Abraham pinned Morgan in a championship quarterfinal bout Friday night.

Northampton lapped the field in the team race, crowning three champions and sending eight wrestlers to states. Pittston Area was the top WVC team, finishing in 11th place.

Championship finals

103: Chad Sportelli (EAS) dec. Chad Kerstetter (SEL) 7-3.

112: Matt Ciasulli (EAS) dec. Aaron Suranofsky (NOR) 3-1 rideout.

119: Jeremy Bucko (NOR) dec. Mitch Marcks (DIER) 4-3.

125: Jeff Ecklof (NOR) dec. Brian Burns (POTT) 5-4.

130: Christian Franco (WH) dec. Gino Fortebuono (EAS) 13-6.

135: Jake Giamoni (EAS) dec. Seth Lisa (NOR) 4-1.

140: Tommy Rohn (NOR) maj. dec. Andy Ciasulli (EAS) 15-6.

145: Keith Kleckner (POTT) dec. Andy Hoffman (SHIK) 2-1.

152: Jason Woodall (PA) dec. Travis Frick (NAZ) 3-1.

160: James Woodall (PA) tech fall Joe Arnone (HON) 22-7, 5:27.

171: Brandon Mihalko (LIB) dec. Kyle Sheetz (BM) 4-2.

189: Matt Feast (BM) default Paul Velekei (PARK).

Hwt: Phil Hard (NOR) dec. Lance Antolick (JS) 5-1.

Consolation finals

103: Chris Renninger (BM) pinned Ross Strebig (FREE) 2:26.

112: Bryan Rizzo (SOLE) dec. Chris Provencher (MIL) 8-2.

119: Joey Rivera (STR) dec. Brandon Romanoski (WVW) 5-4.

125: Dan Brown (EAS) dec. Tony Severo (PARK) 2-1.

130: Ryan McCallum (NOR) dec. Zach Anspach (MIL) 6-3.

135: Jim Morgan (WS) dec. Tom Abraham (PARK) 5-2.

140: Paul Turk (WH) dec. Adam Renn (SHIK) 3-2.

145: Craig Kunsman (FREE) pinned Mike Liberto (BECA) 4:38.

152: John Carr (BM) dec. Blaise Derrico (LIB) 3-1.

160: Brad Youwakim (NOR) dec. Nick Silva (LIB) 3-2.

171: Marty Limpar (NOR) dec. Chris Kelly (AH) 8-2.

189: Andy Ludlow (STR) dec. Dan Miller (NAZ) 3-0.

Hwt: Mike Yetter (STR) dec. Drew Feldman (WVW) 5-1.

103 pounds

Semifinals: Chad Kerstetter (SEL) maj. dec. Shaun Lally (PM) 14-3. Chad Sportelli (EAS) pinned Jon Scullin (SHIK) 2:23.

Second-round consolations: Steve Franko (TUNK) dec. Sam Vitris (WS) 8-2. Chris Renninger (BM) dec. Mike Melaney (MIL) 5-2. Ross Strebig (FREE) dec. Josh Rivera (LIB) 5-3.

Consolation quarterfinals: Renninger (BM) pinned Franko (TUNK) 3:21. Strebig (FREE) dec. Cole (NOR) 1-0.

Consolation semifinals: Renninger (BM) tech fall Lally (PM) 15-0, 3:24. Strebig (FREE) dec. Scullin (SHIK) 1-0.

112 pounds

Semifinals: Aaron Surnaofsky (NOR) dec. Eric Frick (NAZ) 5-2. Matt Ciasulli (EAS) dec. Chris Provencher (MIL) 9-2.

Second-round consolations: Bryan Rizzo (SOLE) maj. dec. Jason Narsavage (WVW) 10-0. Nick Yalch (BER) dec. Chris Fehrenbacher (BANG) 9-2. Rick Kerstetter (SEL) dec. Leif Westgate (PARK) 5-1. Mike Sees (SHIK) maj. dec. Chad Schuman (HON) 11-3.

Consolation quarterfinals: Rizzo (SOLE) dec. Yalch 3-1. Sees (SHIK) dec. Kerstetter (SEL) 3-2.

Consolation semifinals: Rizzo (SOLE) dec. Frick (NAZ) 3-2. Provencher (MIL) maj. dec. Sees (SHIK) 11-0.

119 pounds

Semifinals: Jeremy Bucko (NOR) maj. dec. Bryan Hart (EAS) 12-2. Mitch Marcks (DIER) dec. Jason Snyder (FREE) 4-3.

Second-round consolations: Brandon Romanoski (WVW) pinned Josh Ruddy (AH) 2:00. Brandon Murray (SHIK) dec. Jeff Goodman (SHAM) 2-1. Brett Frack (NAZ) maj. dec. Joe Gentile (PA) 13-2. Joey Rivera (STR) maj. dec. Matt Rieck (JS) 12-0.

Consolation quarterfinals: Romanoski (WVW) dec. Murray (SHIK) 8-5. Rivera (STR) dec. Frack (NAZ) 3-1.

Consolation semifinals: Romanoski (WVW) dec. Hart (EAS) 2-1. Rivera (STR) dec. Snyder (FREE) 7-0.

125 pounds

Semifinals: Brian Burns (POTT) dec. Dan Brown (EAS) 6-4. Jeff Ecklof (NOR) dec. Derrick Morgan (ATH) 6-3.

Second-round consolations: Ray Ettringham (SHAM) dec. Jim McCarroll (COU) 10-3. Eric Snyder (MIL) pinned Mike Marsala (WS) 4:15. Greg Bertholf (BANG) maj. dec. Nick Ilich (NAZ) 10-2. Tony Severo (PARK) dec. Pat O'Hara (PA) 3-0.

Consolation quarterfinals: Snyder (MIL) pinned Ettringham (SHAM) 1:21. Severo (PARK) dec. Bertholf (BANG) 6-4.

Consolation semifinals: Brown (EAS) maj. dec. Snyder (MIL) 8-0. Severo (PARK) dec. Morgan (ATH) 5-3.

130 pounds

Semifinals: Gino Fortebuono (EAS) pinned Ryan McCallum (NOR) 2:49. Christian Franco (WH) dec. Matt Hoffman (SHAM) 5-0.

Second-round consolations: Scott Heckman (BANG) pinned John Belcher (TUNK) 1:40. Jamie Robinson (ATH) dec. Dan Cassarella (HAZ) 8-2. Jared Rosenfeld (FREE) dec. Brad Herman (PARK) 2-1. Zach Anspach (MIL) maj. dec. Brian Harrison (WS) 16-3.

Consolation quarterfinals: Heckman (BANG) pinned Robinson (ATH) 1:57. Anspach (MIL) dec. Rosenfeld (FREE) 10-5.

Consolation semifinals: McCallum (NOR) dec. Heckman (BANG) 5-0. Anspach (MIL) dec. Hoffman (SHAM) 8-7.

135 pounds

Semifinals: Jake Giamoni (EAS) maj. dec. Jeremy Messinger (NAZ) 20-9. Seth Lisa (NOR) dec. Tom Abraham (PARK) 2-1 rideout.

Second-round consolations: Jim Morgan (WS) maj. dec. Sam Beishline (HAZ) 15-6. Marcus Pensyl (SHAM) tech fall Chad Fisher (LEH) 21-5, 3:56. Chris Luton-Cressman (BER) pinned Matt Wince (AH) 2:08. Jason Giandomenico (DIER) pinned Josh Dorman (SHIK) 4:39.

Consolation quarterfinals: Morgan (WS) dec. Pensyl (SHAM) 12-5. Giandomenico (DIER) pinned Luton-Cressman (BER) 0:43.

Consolation semifinals: Morgan (WS) dec. Messinger (NAZ) 11-6. Abraham (PARK) maj. dec. Giandomenico 13-2.

140 pounds

Semifinals: Tommy Rohn (NOR) tech fall Kyle Huddle (PARK) 24-9, 6:00. Andy Ciasulli (EAS) dec. Marc Israel (LIB) 12-3.

Second-round consolations: Josh Anspach (MIL) dec. Scott Carr (SEL) 5-0. Adam Renn (SHIK) dec. Rob Kepp (HAZ) 6-3. Paul Turk (WH) dec. Dave Koehler (FREE) 2-1 OT. Shawn Matello (WVW) dec. Steve Jones (AH) 3-1.

Consolation quarterfinals: Renn (SHIK) dec. Anspach (MIL) 2-0. Turk (WH) maj. dec. Matello (WVW) 12-3.

Consolation semifinals: Renn (SHIK) dec. Huddle (PARK) 5-1. Turk (WH) maj. dec. Israel (LIB) 14-4.

145 pounds

Semifinals: Keith Kleckner (POTT) maj. dec. Mike Liberto (BECA) 16-5. Andy Hoffman (SHIK) dec. Adam Kulak (BANG) 13-7.

Second-round consolations: Tom Dredge (LIB) dec. Colin Benson (AH) 7-2. Bryan Walter (MIL) pinned Brad Rogers (WS) 5:53. Craig Kunsman (FREE) dec. Bobby Zuber (NOR) 6-3. Aaron Raupers (ATH) dec. Matt Adamczyk (CRE) 5-3 OT.

Consolation quarterfinals: Walter (MIL) dec. Dredge (LIB) 3-2. Kunsman (FREE) maj. dec. Raupers (ATH) 10-2.

Consolation semifinals: Liberto (BECA) dec. Walter (MIL) 3-2. Kunsman (FREE) dec. Kulak (BANG) 5-3.

152 pounds

Semifinals: Jason Woodall (PA) dec. John Carr (BM) 7-3. Travis Frick (NAZ) dec. Ryan Wasser (NOR) 11-4.

Second-round consolations: Matt Lear (EAS) maj. dec. Tony Gibbons (MIL) 10-0. Mike Rauch (JS) dec. Dave Beveridge (POTT) 9-3. Craig Smeltz (SHIK) pinned Joe Kavitski (HAZ) 4:12. Blaise Derrico (LIB) tech fall Adam Quinnan (WS) 19-3, 5:00.

Consolation quarterfinals: Lear (EAS) dec. Rauch (JS) 6-0. Derrico (LIB) maj. dec. Smeltz (SHIK) 13-5.

Consolation semifinals: Carr (BM) dec. Lear (EAS) 8-3. Derrico (LIB) dec. Wasser (NOR) 6-2.

160 pounds

Semifinals: James Woodall (PA) maj. dec. Brad Youwakim (NOR) 15-5. Joe Arnone (HON) dec. Luke Morris (NAZ) 3-1.

Second-round consolations: Brady Snyder (MIL) pinned Marc Chiboraski (SHIK) 4:56. John Steiner (FREE) pinned Jared Moyer (SEL) 2:07. Teddy Traud (ALL) maj. dec. Brandon Kelly (SOLE) 12-2. Nick Silva (LIB) dec. Mike Rosentel (TUNK) 9-4.

Consolation quarterfinals: Steiner (FREE) dec. Snyder (MIL) 7-4. Silva (LIB) pinned Traud (ALL) 3:29.

Consolation semifinals: Youwakim (NOR) dec. Steiner (FREE) 5-2. Silva (LIB) dec. Morris (NAZ) 9-5.

171 pounds

Semifinals: Brandon Mihalko (LIB) maj. dec. Tim Kress (BECA) 17-8. Kyle Sheetz (BM) dec. Marty Limpar (NOR) 3-2.

Second-round consolations: Chris Kelly (AH) maj. dec. Brandon Wither (SEL) 16-7. Justin Yost (JS) dec. Gig Thomas (SHAM) 4-2 OT. Jon Lechleitner (BER) maj. dec. Mike Curmaci (WS) 11-0. John Pinto (EAS) forfeit.

Consolation quarterfinals: Kelly (AH) maj. dec. Yost (JS) 17-7. Pinto (EAS) tech fall Lechleitner (BER) 18-2, 5:00.

Consolation semifinals: Kelly (AH) maj. dec. Kress (BECA) 17-5. Limpar (NOR) maj. dec. Pinto (EAS) 9-0.

189 pounds

Semifinals: Matt Feast (BM) pinned Tom Snyder (MIL) 4:12. Paul Velekei (PARK) maj. dec. Marc Johnson (TUNK) 17-4.

Second-round consolations: Jeremy Wetzel (SHAM) dec. Williams Keyes (HON) 7-5. Dan Miller (NAZ) pinned Steve Sedon (COU) 4:10. Brent Fanelli (POTT) pinned Mike Reicherter (SEL) 0:39. Andy Ludlow (STR) maj. dec. Justin McLennan (EAS) 12-2.

Consolation quarterfinals: Miller (NAZ) tech fall Wetzel (SHAM) 16-1, 2:49. Ludlow (STR) pinned Fanelli (POTT) 1:55.

Consolation semifinals: Miller (NAZ) pinned Snyder (MIL) 2:26. Ludlow (STR) maj. dec. Johnson (TUNK) 12-4.


Semifinals: Phil Hard (NOR) pinned Josh Evans (POTT) 0:52. Lance Antolick (JS) dec. Mike Yetter (STR) 7-2.

Second-round consolations: Drew Feldman (WVW) forfeit. Josh Phillips (SHIK) dec. Adam Jordan (LIB) 4-1. John Truby (FREE) dec. Kevin Avery (TUNK) 1-0. Jamie Kleinle (NAZ) 5-3.

Consolation quarterfinals: Feldman (WVW) dec. Phillips (SHIK) 4-2. Kleinle (Naz) dec. Truby (FREE) 3-1 OT.

Consolation semifinals: Feldman (WVW) maj. dec. Evans (POTT) 18-6. Yetter (STR) dec. Kleinle (NAZ) 7-3.

Officials: Gene Waas, Bob Colletta, Tim Cook, Robert Kuhl, Robert Kern, Max Shnyder, Dwight Barbacci, Tony Phillips, Walt Markowski, John Rakich.

Team standings

1. Northampton (NOR) 181; 2. Easton (EAS) 143; 3. Blue Mountain (BM) 72.5; 4. Liberty (LIB) 58.5; 5. Pottsville (POTT) 54; 6. Nazareth (NAZ) 51.5; 7. Shikellamy (SHIK) 48.5; 8. Milton (MIL) 48; T9. Freedom (FREE) 46; T9. Parkland (PARK) 46.

11. Pittston Area (PA) 44.5; 12. Stroudburg (STR) 42; 13. Whitehall (WH) 37. 14. Dieruff (DIER) 26; 15. Jersey Shore (JS) 24; 16. Bangor (BANG) 22.5; T17. Selinsgrove (SEL) 22; T17. Wyoming Valley West (WVW) 22; 19. Bethlehem Catholic (BECA) 18.5; T20. Honesdale (HON) 17.5; T20. Shamokin (SHAM) 17.5.

22. Southern Lehigh (SOLE) 14.5; 23. West Scranton (WS) 13; T24. Athens (ATH) 12; T24. Berwick (BER) 12; 26. Tunkhannock (TUNK) 11; 27. Abington Heights (AH) 10; 28. Coughlin (COU) 6; T29. Pocono Mountain (PM) 4; T29. Allen (ALL) 4; 31. Lehighton (LEH) 1; T32. Crestwood (CRE) 0; T32. Hazleton Area (HAZ) 0.


103: Chad Kerstetter (Selinsgrove) dec. Ross Strebig (Freedom) 13-6; Shaun Lally (Pocono Mountain) dec. Jake Cole 2-1; Chad Sportelli (Easton) pinned Mike Maloney (Milton) 4:54; Jon Scullin (Shikellamy) dec. Steve Franko (13-11).

112: Aaron Suranofsky (Northampton) pinned Mike Sees (Shikellamy) 1:27; Eric Frick (Nazareth) dec. Rick Kerstetter (Selinsgrove)10-7; Matt Ciasulli (Easton) pinned Nick Yalch (Berwick) 1:53; Chris Provencher (Milton) dec. Bryan Rizzo (Southern Lehigh) 10-5.

119: Jeremy Bucko (Northampton) pinned Matt Rieck (Jersey Shore) 1:05; Bryan Hart (Easton) dec. Brett Frack (Nazareth) 10-6; Jason Snyder (Freedom) dec. Brandon Romanski (Wyoming Valley) 7-3.

125: Dan Brown (Easton) dec. Pat O'Hara (Pittston) 7-3; Brian Burns (Pottsville) dec. Greg Bertholf (Bangor) 6-4; Jeff Ecklof (Northampton) dec. Mike Marsala 15-8; Derrick Morgan (Athens) dec. Jim McCarroll (Coughlin).

130: Ryan McCallum (Northampton) dec.Zach Anspach (Milton) 8-4; Gino Fortebuono (Easton) pinned Jared Rosenfeld (Freedom) 0:32; Christian Franco (Whitehall) pinned Dan Cassarella (Hazleton) 2:15; Matt Hoffman (Shamokin) maj. dec. Scott Heckman (Bangor) 10-2.

135: Jake Giamoni (Easton) pinned Josh Dorman (Shikellamy) 5:11; Jeremy Messinger (Nazareth) dec. Chris Cressman (Berwick) 14-8; Seth Lisa (Northampton) dec. Marcus Pensyl (Shamokin) 5-3; Tom Abraham (Parkland) pinned Jim Morgan (West Scranton) 4:38.

140: Tommy Rohn (Northampton) tech. fall Shawn Matelo (Wyoming Valley) 24-8, 4:21; Kyle Huddle (Parkland) dec. Dave Koehler (Freedom) 8-1; Andy Ciasulli (Easton) dec. Bob Kepp (Hazleton) 5-3; Marc Israel (Liberty) dec. in OT Josh Anspach (Wilton) 6-4.

145: Keith Kleckner (Pottsville) tech. fall Aaron Raugers (Athens) (23-8) 4:57; Mike Liberto (Bethlehem Catholic) dec. Craig Kunsman (Freedom) 5-4; Adam Kulak (Bangor) dec. Brad Rogers (West Scranton) 9-3; Andy Hoffman (Shikellamy) dec. Tom Dredge (Liberty) 5-2.

152: Jason Woodall (Pittston) maj. dec, Blaise Derrico (Liberty) 16-5; John Carr (Blue Mountain) pinned Craig Smeltz (Shikellamy) 1:55; Ryan Wasser (Northampton) dec. Mike Rauch (Jersey Shore) 8-2; Travis Frick (Nazareth) dec. Matt Lear (Easton) 5-2.

160: James Woodall (Pittston) maj. dec. Nick Silva (Liberty) 17-7; Brad Youwakim (Northampton) pinned Teddy Traud (William Allen) 1:11; Joe Arnone (Honesdale) dec. John Steiner (Freedom) 9-7; Luke Morris (Nazareth) dec. Brady Snyder (Milton) 9-3.

171: Brandon Mihalko (Liberty) pinned Neil Lane (Tunkhannock) 4:32; Tim Kress (Bethlehem Catholic) tech. fall Jon Lechleiter (Berwick) (19-4) 4:00; Marty Limpar (Northampton) dec. Justin Yost (Jersey Shore) 8-4; Kyle Sheetz (Blue Mountain) dec. Chris Kelly (Abington Heights) 7-4.

189: Tom Snyder (Milton) dec. Andy Ludlow (Stroudsburg) 9-7; Matt Feast (Blue Mountain) dec. Brent Fanelli (Pottsville) 13-6; Paul Velekei (Parkland) pinned Steve Sedon (Coughlin) 2:53; Marc Johnson (Tunkhannock) pinned Jeremy Wetzel (Shamokin) 3:24.

275: Phil Hard (Northampton) pinned Jason Gee (Athens) 0:14; Josh Evans (Pottsville) dec. John Truby (Freedom) 4-3; Lance Antolick (Jersey Shore) pinned Adam jordan (Liberty) 1:50; Mike Yetter (Stroudsburg) dec. Drew Feldman (Wyoming Valley) 5-1.