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A BIG THANKS goes out to our readers.. I had many results sent my way. This is fantastic.. keep them coming... and IF your team is missing, please email me your results (include the date ,opponent,score & boxscore if

Week #1

(11-29 thru 12-08)

Week #2

(12-09 to 12-15)

Week #3

(12-16 to 12-23)

Week #4

(01-02 to 01-05)

Week #5

(01-06 to 01-12)

Week #6

(01-13 to 01-19)

Week #7

(01-20 to 01-26)

Week #8

(01-27 to 02-02)

Week #9&10

(02-03 to 02-16)

Week #11

(02-17 to 02-19)

2003 D-2 Dual Meet Championships

I would love to post every boxscore of every single D2 match, but it's just not possible for me to do alone. I need your help! So I'm asking all of you if you would consider being the correspondant for your school and e-mail results to me at and I will get them posted each week.

Thanks in advance
Danny Harris