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 The story as it appeared that day.

The Sunday Independent
March 1, 1936

School Matmen

Meet Saturday

The first interscholastic tournament ever held in Wyoming Valley will be staged next Saturday night at Kingston High School. It will be conducted under P. I. A. A. auspices with the intention next year of running the meets in a manner similar to the basketball series, finally producing state champions.
Arnold Kraft of Plains High, chairman of the tournament, stated yesterday that complete teams, ready to compete in all of the nine weight classes, will be entered by the high schools of Kingston, Forty Fort, Wilkes-Barre Township and Plains. If permission of city authorities is secured, wrestlers also will enter from Meyers and G. A. R.
First eliminations will be held Saturday afternoon, starting at 1 oclock, with admission price set at 15c. The finals will start in the evening at 7, with prices at 25c and 50c.

The Sunday Independent

March 8, 1936

Kingston Matmen Triumph


West Siders Take District No. 2 Title From
Wrestlers Of Plains And Forty Fort




P.I.A.A. Champions Capture Eight Of Final Bouts To
Insure Victory In Meet



Kingston High School matmen won the District No. 2 P.I.A.A. wrestling championship last night at their own gym before a fair size crowd by a margin of 23 points. Three schools participated, Kingston rolling up 47 points, Plains 24 and Forty Fort 16. The champions won eight of the nine final bouts to clinch the title and Forty Fort took the other.
The eliminations were held in the afternoon. each school had one man in each weight class and, as only three schools were entered, byes were the order. Kingston was fortunate here, drawing five byes while Forty Fort got the other two. The entire Plains team took part in the eliminations and four of the seven came through with victories. In the afternnon matches, one point was awared for a fall and none for a decision. Kingston's two participants won their bouts by falls, giving them two points while Plains took two bouts by fall and two by decision to give them two points. Forty Fort won one match by a fall to earn one point.
Kingston Wins Eight
In the finals, conducted in the evening, six points were awarded for a fall, five for a decision, three for second place and one for third place. Kingston's entire team took part in the finals, winning six bouts on decision and two by fall. Bob Lewis Forty Fort, kept his record for the season intact as he threw McNeil, after a hard struggle. Lewis' victory gave him a clean slate for three years wrestling. In that time he won 14 bouts.
The bout between Goff, Kingston, and Angell, Plains, was a tough one but the township boy, after getting off to a good start, fell victim to a double bar arm hold which proved his downfall. Captain George Hooper, Kingston, avenged his defeat of last week when he took a decision from Gibbs, Forty Fort, after a close bout.
Good Records Made
Kingston closed its season with eight victories out of nine dual meets while Plains won nine out of ten duals. Each team won over the other during the year, Kingston taking the first and Plains the second. Forty Fort broke even in its meets during the season.
Coach A. E. Hock's eight district champions set a near perfect record for the season as they won 51 of the 55 bouts in which they took part. Individual records are: Edgar won nine straight, Kuchinakas won nine out of ten, Goff won four out of five, Hooper won nine out of ten, Kruchunas won three straight, Turtak won six straight, Victor won eight out of nine and Simon won three straight.
Sito, Plains, had a good record as he won 10 out of 12 bouts, losing only to Victor, Kingston. Both boys put on a good show again last night, with Victor getting the nod after two overtime periods.
The summeries:


..95 - John Krichunas, Kingston by referee's dec over Jim Wildes, Plains in 2 overtime periods

105 - Edward Turtak , Kingston threw Dominick, Plains, 7:23 (with a cradle hold)

115 - Gilbert Edgar , Kingston took dec from Klemich, Plains, with time advantage of 3:25

125 - Edward Kuchinskas , Kingston took dec from Levio Grilli, Plains, with time advantage of 2:08

135 - Andy Victor , Kingston by referee's dec over Johnny Sito, Plains, in 2 overtime periods

145 - Robert Goff , Kingston threw Angell, Plains, with double bar arm in 6:28

155 - Robert Lewis, Forty Fort threw Paul McNeil, Kingston, 5:44 (with half nelson and bar arm)

165 - George Simon , Kingston took dec from Phipps, Forty Fort, with time advantage of 5:41

180 - George Hooper , Kingston took dec from Gibbs, Forty Fort, with time advantage of 6:01

Referee: E. S. "Red" Jenhess
Timer: Christian Baiz
Team Champions: Kingston
47 points coached by A. E. Hock

Afternoon Eliminations

115 - Klemich, Plains, threw Walters, Forty Fort, 4:09 (with hammerlock and half nelson)

125 - Levio Grilli, Plains, took decision from Alexander Forty Fort, with time advantage of 4:21

135 - Johnny Sito, Plains, threw Jackson, Forty Fort, 5:03 (using a bar arm and half nelson)

145 - Angelli, Plains, took decision from Ales, Forty Fort, with time advantage of, 3:46

155 - Paul McNeil, Kingston, threw Tarsan, Plains, 3:16 (with half nelson and bar arm)

165 - George Simon , Kingston threw Manichini, Plains, 5:40 (with half nelson and bar arm)

180 - Gibbs, Forty Fort, threw Paul Kluk, Plains, 2:26 (with chancery and body sissors)

.......(all other recieved byes)
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