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March 6, 1937


Capture Seven Out Of Nine Bouts In Finals To Score 45 Points; Plains Second


Showing their superiority over Plains and Forty Fort wrestlers in P.I.A.A. District No. 2, Tony Hock's Kingston High School wrestlers last night won seven of nine weight division titles in finals bouts in the Kingston High School Gymnasium. Kingston's score was 45 points compared to 22 for Plains and 11 for Forty Fort. About 300 attended.
Kingston's number of titles may have been eight but for the default of Fertak to Wildes, 115-pound contenders, after a short contest. In addition to that of Wildes, Plains' other weight title came with the victory of Grossman over Shafer of Forty-Fort in the 125-pound division.
Taking victories against favored opponents, Simon of Kingston in the 175-pound class, defeated Kluk of Plains, powerful football star of the upper-end school. Captain Goff of Kingston, who narrowly escaped defeat in the afternoon at the hands of Johnny Sito of Plains, came back at night to defeat Cavanaugh, Forty fort mainstay, for title honors.
One of the most dependable men in the Forty Fort squad, Lewis in the 155-pound class, after defeating Tarzan of Plains in the afternoon, was defeated by Andy Victor of Kingston in the 155-pound division.
Night's outstanding bout was witnessed when Johnny Sito of Plains, seeking second place honors, defeated Cavanaugh of Forty Fort. After a lively scrap in which both contestants were rushed throughout, Sito was given victory by Referee Joe Gorman of Plains. Forty Fort's wrestlers were continually battling only two Forty Fort men losing bouts on falls in 21 matches.

Kingston Takes Four

More than 200 witnessed preliminary bouts in the afternoon when Kingston grapplers took four of seven matches. Due to the number of wrestlers intered in the preliminaries, an odd number of contestants drew byes, which held them over until the night matches. Simi-final bouts were then dismissed and victors in the preliminaries automatically qualified for the night rounds. Length of bouts was held to six minutes and Referee Joe Gorman of Plains rendered six decisions. In case of ties in six-minute bouts contestants were forced into extra periods.
Afternoon Simi-final Bouts
..95 - Don Stevick , Kingston bye
..95 - Kirchner, Plains, bye
105 - John Krichunas, Kingston defeated Dominik, Plains, decision
105 - Doster, Forty Fort, bye
115 - Jim Wildes, Plains bye
115 - Fertak, Kingston
125 - Abe Grossman, Plains defeated Dillon, Kingston,
125 - Shafer, Forty Fort,, bye
135 - Edward Kuchinskas, Kingston by fall over Levio Grilli, Plains, 9:38(using a cradle hold)
135 - Alexander Forty Fort, bye
145 - Robert Goff , Kingston defeated Johnny Sito, Plains, decision
145 - Edward Cavanaugh, Forty Fort, bye
155 - Lewis, Forty Fort, defeated Tarsan, Plains, decision
155 - Andy Victor , Kingston bye
165 - Paul McNeil, Kingston, defeated Leo Roan, Forty Fort decision
165 - Jones, Plains, bye
175 - Paul Kluk, Plains, defeated Ales, Forty Fort, decision
175 - George Simon, Kingston bye
..95 - Don Stevick , Kingston defeated Kirchner, Plains, Time advantage of 4:28
105 - John Krichunas, Kingston by a fall over Doster, Forty Fort, 5:56 (using a half nelson and crotch)
115 - Jim Wildes, Plains won on default from Fertak, Kingston
125 - Abe Grossman, Plains defeated Shafer, Forty Fort, Time advantage of 4:44
135 - Edward Kuchinskas , Kingston defeated Alexander Forty Fort, Time advantage of 3:30
145 - Robert Goff , Kingston by fall over Edward Cavanaugh, Forty Fort, (using a half nelson and bar arm)
155 - Andy Victor , Kingston defeated Lewis, Forty Fort, Time advantage of, 5:20
165 - Paul McNeil, Kingston defeated Jones, Plains, Time advantage of, 3:11
175 - George Simon, Kingston by a fall over Paul Kluk, Plains, 7:16 (using a bar arm and half nelson)
Referee: Joe Gorman
Team Champions: Kingston 45 points coached by Anthony E. Hock

Second Place Bouts
105 - Dominik, Plains defeated Doster, Forty Fort, decision
125 - Dillon, Kingston, defeated Shafer, Forty Fort, decision
145 - Johnny Sito, Plains, defeated Edward Cavanaugh, Forty Fort, decision
165 - Leo Roan, Forty Fort defeated Jones, Plains, decision

Anthony E. Hock is considered the father of scholastic wrestling in Wyoming Valley. He started the sport at Kingston High School in 1935. In 1937 Kingston High School wrestlers won state wide acclaim and were named State Champions by Philadelphia and Pittsburgh newspapers, finishing the season at 8-0 including a 23-12 victory over former stste champs Shamokin. In coach Hock's tenure of eight years, his teams were 60-8-2, were District 2 champs for seven years, Y.M.C.A. Open champs 1938 (now known as the Wilkes-Open), and coached two state champs.