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March 8, 1938


Plains and Forty Fort Are leading Contenders

Plains High School and Forty Fort High School wrestling teams loam as the strongest contenders to take the District 2 P. I. A. A. title, when the district wrestling championships bouts are held tonight at 7:30 in Forty Fort High School. Individual winners of the meet will be eligible to reprecent the district at the state championship meet to be held at State College Friday March 18. District winners will be awarded a silver trophy.
Plains has scored three victories in three starts thus far this season. Plains matmen handed the Forty fort grapplers their first defeat two weeks ago at the Plains gym. Plains scored a 231/2 to 71/2 victory over the Wyoming Seminary reserve matmen last Friday at the Plains gym. The team also defeated G.A.R.
Coach Boni Sabatini of the Plains team last night announced this team would take part in tonight's tournament. 95 lbs. G. Ninotti; 105 lbs. T. Homick; 115 lbs. Joe Kunic; 125 lbs. W. Wildes; 135 lbs. Levio Grilli; 145 lbs. F. Keil; 155 lbs. J. Likoski; 165 lbs. A. Klemash; heavyweight, A. Kosmach.

March 9, 1938
Flyers Gain Mat Crown
Only two Schools Compete In District Tournament

Forty Fort High replaced Kingston as District 2 P. I. A. A wrestling champion by winning six division titles in the annual district championships statged at Forty Fort High last night. Kingston which has been suspended for a year by the P. I. A. A. did not defend the title.
Only two schools, Forty Fort and Plains competed in the championships with the Flyers capturing six individual crowns and Plains three. It is expected that the individual winners will compete in the state P. I. A. A. mat championships at Penn State March 18.
..95 - Robert Bach, Forty Fort (4 X District Champ) defeated G. Ninotti, Plains, referee's decision
105 - Robert Pero, Forty Fort defeated T. Homick, Plains, referee's decision
115 - Joe Kunic, Plains threw L. Doster, Forty Fort, 1:19 (using a half nelson and crotch hold)
125 - Robert Goodfellow, Forty Fort defeated W. Wildes, in extra period. Referee decision
135 - Levio Grilli, Plains defeated P. Reithoffer, Forty Fort, Referee decision
145 - Thomas Waters, Forty Fort threw F. Keil Plains, 4:55 (double bar arm lock)
155 - Edward Cavanaugh, Forty Fort defeated J. Likoski, Plains, Referee decision
165 - Leo Roan, Forty Fort threw A. Klemash, Plains, 6:00 (using a half nelson and crotch hold)
185 - Paul Kluk, Plains threw W. Becker, Forty Fort, (with a reverse nelson and crotch hold)

March 18, 1938

Roan, Greeli Win on Mat

District 11 Is Leading in P. I. A. A. Tourney

State College, Pa., March 18, 1938. Pottsville High School gave District 11 a lead tonight in the first annual Pennsylvania Interscholastic Association wrestling tournament by sending six of it's seven entries into the simi-finals. Two Bethlehem stars also advanced to add to the District 11 performance. The remander of the field was bunched closely behind.
District 3 and District 10 each had five survivors, District 1 had four, District 2 had two, one from Forty Fort and another from Plains.
Roan, Greeli Win
Forty Fort of District 2 suffered the most casualties when only oneof its six entries reached the simi-finals.
Only two Wyoming Valley grapplers garnered victories when Greeli of Plains defeated Bellic Steelton, in the 135-pound class and Roan, Forty Fort, defeated Plummar, Greenville, in the 135-pound class.
Results fron the Wyoming Valley representatives;
..85 - No representative
..95 - Annunzio Massino, Upper Marion (1) dec Robert Bach, Forty Fort (2)
105 - Benny DeMartines, Farrell (10) pinned Robert Pero, Forty Fort (2), 2:37
115 - Fred Mauk, DuBois (9)dec Joe Kunic, Plains (2)
125 - Joe Quethea, Clearfield (9)dec Robert Goodfellow, Forty Fort (2)
135 - Levio Grilli, Plains (2) dec Ike Belic, Steelton (3)
145 - Angelo Carmello, DuBois (9)dec Thomas Waters, Forty Fort (2)
155 - Fred Paul, canonsburg (7) dec Edward Cavanaugh, Forty Fort (2)
165 - Leo Roan, Forty Fort (2) dec Paul Plummer, Greenville (10)
185 - Harvey Leidy, Abington (1) by forfeit over Paul Kluk, Plains (2)

March 18, 1938

135 - John Metzler, Greenburg (7)dec Levio Grilli, Plains (2) (3rd place)
165 - Don Bitler, Greenburg (7) dec Leo Roan, Forty Fort (2) (4th place)
The first state tournament attracted a total of 78 competitors from 27 different high schools, competing for the ten individual state titles. The competitors were determined by qualifying through one of the eight PIAA districts represented.