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Name: grateful wrestling fan
Subject: Thank you
Who is the #1 WRESTLER in district 2 ?: Carlo Mercadante
Thank you Mr. Harris for all the hard work you put into this forum over the past couple of years. It does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by everybody in the wrestling community. It promotes d2 wrestling and helps get more people involved in the sport. It's also very informative and well maintained. I also think the district 2 rankings are fantastic. Keep up the good work.


Name: d2 fan
Subject: This forum sucks
What is your opinion of the D-2 Rankings?: they blow
Everytime I post a message it gets deleted. What about freedom of speech and opinion.
I don't know who this fagget Danny Harris is but I don't like him.
He thinks he has so much power with this forum but he and his forum can go get married for all I care cause it sucks anyway.