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Ironworkers Local 489
"Annuity Fund"
Self Directed Investment Choices

The following funds are ranked by Risk 1-9 Lowest to Highest

#1 Merrill Lynch Retirement Preservation Trust

#2 Oppenheimer Limited-Term Government A (OPGVX)

#3 PIMCo Total Return A (PTTAX)

#4 AIM High-Yield A (AMHYX)

#5 Merrill Lynch Capital A (MACPX)

#6 Merrill Lynch S&P 500 Index A (MASRX)

#7 Davis NY Venture A (NYVTX)

#8 Merrill Lynch Fundamental Growth A (MAFGX)

#9 Delaware Small Cap Value A (DEVLX)

Monitor Your Annuity Account Progress with BENEVOICE

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