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Back Mountain Wrestling Tournament

Where: Dallas Middle School.

When: Feb 28th.

Divisions: Peewee 6 and under , Bantam 8 and under, Midget 9&10,

Junior 11&12, and Junior High 13&14.

Early Weigh-ins: on the 27th 7-830 PM,

Weigh-ins: on 28th 7-8 AM.

Food all day.


Wrestler's name _____________________________ Age ______Date of Birth_____________


Division __________________ Weight:_________

School or Club _________________________________________________

Seeding criteria (include record, years of experience, tournament victories, etc.)

I certify that the above information is correct and that the participant is covered by either school insurance or a family health plan. I hereby release the Bk Mountain Wrestling Boost er Club, it's officials,tournament committee and the Dallas School District from liability from injury or loss suffered by me or my wrestler directly or indirectly as a result of this tournament.

Signature of parent or guardian ___________________________ Date: _______________

Signature of wrestler ___________________________________ Date: _______________

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